A Review of Dragoon, And How To Enjoy A Penny Arcade Expo

Two things: Dragoon is an amazing board game, and PAX East is just around the corner.

 …I should probably write more than that, but holy crap, PAX EAST is just two days away from me writing this, and its damn, damn hard to think about anything else. 

Everyone has that special place in their minds that they go to: maybe it’s a concert hall, or Times Square, or just your favorite bar you meet up with friends at.  A location that, for all its flaws, becomes something with deeper meaning for you. For me, it’s the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston.  Friends I don’t see all year all come together to hang out, play some games, and see all the new shiny that our favorite hobby has to offer.

Barely two days away now... are you going?  If you are, what are you looking forward to?

We spend time in this episode talking about conventions in general – why they matter, for one.  Why do people (like myself) spend hours waiting in line, spending way too much money in one place?  What makes them so special, and also, so important to the gaming community?

We also review Dragoon, a board game which is, dare I say, amazing.  With metal game pieces and a cloth board, it goes out of its way to make an artistic statement.  It also stands out because of its use of dice: board games have been moving towards trying to remove dice from their games, but Dragoon uses them, and uses them boldly.  It’s a game that’s perfect for the bar, with drinks in hand, shouting at your friends as your large flying lizards burn down cities of humans in a race for dominance.

The game feels right surrounded by drinks and heavy, greasy food.  And shouting.

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#007: Conventions and Dragons