A Great Look Into The Next Year Of Gaming

As it is to be expected, a convention that’s the size of Penny Arcade Expo takes a little bit of time to digest. With that being said, a few weeks later, and with a lot of articles written, we give to you this podcast, trying desperately to fit it all into just under two hours.

Are you a fan of board games? Then there’s plenty here, with Dragoon becoming a massive success, and bizarre creations like Grimslingers creating a lot of laughs.  Of course there were amazing video games, with Osiris: New Dawn, Eternal, Northgard, and Hob being just a few we talk about, and will probably write about ad nauseum in the near future. 

There are tons of games we smash into this podcast: Aftercharge by Chainsawsome Games is just one of many that were first debued at this convention.

Did you go to PAX East 2017?  What were your favorite experiences?  Let us know in our comment section.  If you like our podcast, feel free to subscribe on Itunes, or on most major podcast websites out there. We appreciate your support, and your feedback is what keeps us going.

#008: Our PAX East Stories