What's Your Game?

We’re new at this podcast thing, so consider this episode an invitation for discussion. What do you want to see in a gaming podcast? Do you want short and sweet, or long-ranging and filled with asides? This episode, we keep it shorter and sweeter, and with less contributors to get to the heart of things.

We cover an interesting article by Ian Bogost, where he argues that games should give up on attempting standard narrative stories: an interesting idea but with a terribly click-bait title that’s sure to please no one. More specifically, we give some much needed time to three board games about which a lot has been said: Lords of Waterdeep, Terraforming Mars, and Inis. Each game is wildly different, and each scratches a particular itch for us. Do you want to feel the rush of becoming the leader of the clans in a game of territory control, or enjoy becoming the most prestigious space-faring company in an engine builder?

Adam and myself think these games are fantastic, and at least one of them should be on each of your shelves. Is one of these your favorite game to pull out on the weekend?  Do you like our new shorter episodes? Leave us a comment, and let us know – after all, what’s the point of a podcast without happy listeners?

#010: Board Game Reviews