A Thirty Year Franchise For A Reason

It’s impossible to summarize Final Fantasy. Sure, you can try, but the attempts often fall short. The game series has existed for so long, and has been recreated in so many different ways that putting one simple label on the whole package is difficult. 

Let’s give it a shot: it is game series that was created in a desperate attempt to making new and innovative in Japan, and then took off in 1987.  One of the original digital RPGs, the first Final Fantasy is one of the progenitors of the genre, setting the stage for many sequels and other games in the future.  While each main Final Fantasy game is unrelated, the series still feels connected, thanks to the music, the themes, and there always being a grumpy old man named Cid somewhere.

The first game came out thirty years ago; since then, we have seen the release of fifteen numbered games and numerous offshoots to boot. Sometimes, these games inspired an entire country to fall in love with digital RPGs. Other times, they fell flat.  The series has left a long and rambling legacy which has left people arguing which is the best, and not everyone agrees on whether the series should fall apart or soldier on.

Myself, Adam, Eric, and our guest Brian from the Downloadable Content Podcast discuss the series for a long time here, trying to cover its highs and its lows. Quite a few of us don't know what to do with the loss of turn-based gameplay in Final Fantasy XV, while we know many of our readers and listeners love it.  Eric thinks Final Fantasy 7 is overrated, while Brian just beat it again for fun.  What do you think?  Which one is your favorite game?  Why does this game series have such a fan base around the globe?  Listen to our thoughts to it, and please, add your own.

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#009: Figuring Final Fantasy