How Can So Much Fun Be Bad?

We play games to escape from reality; at least, most of us do. We get home from our classes, or our job, or a rough day of errands, and its time to sink in with your favorite virtual world. It is the reward at the end of a long day, a chance to unwind.  Why then, do so many voices over Xbox Live seem to be yelling rather than working together? Why is that at every major board game event I've been to, I've seen one person flip a table, or storm out of the room? So why is it that everyone seems so angry while they are supposed to be having fun?

It's become a generalization about gamers that they are angry, ungrateful, and lash out against other players online, or against game developers, or the the community as a whole.  Eric wrote some articles about his experience at this last PAX East, and the many panels that seemed to be occur around this topic; in this podcast, we break down some of the information in those articles and bring them out into open discussion. What can we do to better our community? What can we do to be a positive influence rather than a negative one? Expect a part #2 podcast next month about this issue, as we try to cover more ground, and include a wider range of thoughts.

Do you feel strongly about the place of positivity in gaming? Do you have a story, for better or worse, about getting involved in an online community such as Destiny or World of Warcraft? Leave us a comment: we would love to include as many voices as possible before we record part two in this series.

#011: Positivity in Gaming