A Yearly Spectacle...For Better Or Worse

E3 Is a convention that people love to watch, and it's a convention that people love to criticize. The consoles fight for attention, trying to one-up each other in tactics or showmanship to try and get as many units sold as possible. XBox showed up with the shinest toy and presentation of the convention, while Nintendo relied on the strength of its brand new gamble, the Nintendo Switch. Bethseda relied on the good reputation of its established brands, and Ubisoft tried to rebrand itself as a company new innovation.

So who won?  That seems to be the argument most gamers are having after this week.  Can there be a winner to the E3 convention?  Or is it just every company trying to appeal to every person that they can?  Myself, Jon and Nate argue on this podcast about our thoughts on this convention, and what it means for the industry.  Don't agree with us? Let us know. Do you think this year was a success for the games companies? Let us know. We would love your feedback, because the 2017 E3 is over, and it points towards more changes in the years to come.

#012: E3 2017 Recap