Board Games, Board Games Everywhere

With our writers back from Gen Con, we are knee deep in cardboard this last week, whether it is playing games or sorting business cards. There are so many good games and fun new ideas on display, that it's impossible to see everything at Gen Con for yourself. Fortunately, that's why it is a great thing that multiple groups of press go, and each are attracted to a different section of the giant convention.

On this podcast, we talk about how much Dana enjoys Mountains of Madness, a co-operative game that's determined to make you feel insane. Nate discusses Fate of the Elder Gods, a game by Greater Than Games where you get to be the cultists, instead of the investigators. We cover their experiences at the convention in just under an hour somehow, because we had to get back to playing games so we can review them in the weeks to come; poor, poor us.

Did you manage to make it to Gen Con 2017? What was your favorite game to come out of the experience? Which one are you looking forward to most to appearing on your doorstep? I know I have a list I can't wait to play.

#013: Gen Con 2017 Highlights