How Pokémon Took Over The World

The phenomenon that is Pokémon is a living, breathing mash of gaming, anime, and pop culture, fused together like one of the pocket monsters themselves into an unstoppable evolution. Twenty years ago, it’s creators hit upon a formula that was instant gold, a concoction that mixed RPG simplicity and compelling team building, while inspiring the collector in all of us.

In the gaming universe, it is hard to stay afloat before sinking below the tide of the new and shiny. Yet, Pokémon has done it. A game format devised in the 1990s has stayed largely unchanged, when even titans like Final Fantasy have had to wildly change their basic formula in an attempt to stay relevant. Why is that? What makes a game like this so timeless, and can it continue to be?

It's amazing what a 20 year facelift will do for a game series...

This is what our second podcast is about. Can Pokémon keep this up indefinitely, or has the tried-and-true formula been altered too much in the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon? Is this game series still just for children, or has it evolved to grow up along with us into the 21st century?

We would love to hear your opinions, as we know there are thousands of them out there. Take a listen, and tell us what you think. If anything, you should at least tell Dana why he’s wrong about Squirtle.

#002: Pikachu is a Jerk