Our Third Podcast, And Why Board Games Still Are King

We’re starting to fall into a rhythm now: twice a month, a new episode of our rambling and raving will be deposited for your listening pleasure. We’re learning how to play off each other as a team, and even perhaps dropping some insight as to why we partake in all the hobbies that we do.

This podcast ends up revolving around Loki quite a bit. It wasn’t planned, but between Eric talking about High Heavens, and the main review being about Blood Rage, it was unavoidable. Loki’s presence fits though when you think about board games: so many revolve around trickery, deception, and having an excuse to be a jerk to your friends in a socially acceptable sort of way.

Adam's bad at games

We love board games. Not just us here at Sprites and Dice but modern society at large; we can see its growing influence in how Barnes and Noble is now carrying more and more games, and board game nights at bars are starting to appear (link). The question we ask in this podcast: why are board games seemingly so suddenly popular? In a world where people are obsessed with technology, why are people growing attached to sitting around little bits of plastic and cardboard for entertainment?

We’re excited doing these podcasts for you. We’re also thrilled that more people are listening, and more people are sending in their comments on Facebook. It is our hope that as we get better at writing, organizing, and producing these episodes, more of our readers are going to get involved in the process. What do you think? Do you agree with Adam that board games are growing more popular as split-screen gaming dies out? Maybe you want to share with us your favorite memory of playing games around a table. We’d love to hear whatever you have to say.

#003: Loki, King of Board Games