Can You Become A Better Gamer?

A question needs to be asked: What does it mean to be better at something you do just for fun? 

With the start of a new year often comes resolutions. Often, they are ‘big picture’ sort of affairs, like losing weight, breaking a bad habit, or finally getting to do that one thing you’ve been meaning to do since as long as you can remember. What if we focused on the things we enjoy when we make these resolutions, rather than the things we hate?  

For some of us, making a gaming resolution means going back and playing classics of the genre so we can better understand it (Erin). For others, it means making space in our cabinets to better care for the games we own (Jon).  For myself, it means that maybe it is time to put away the wallet for a while, to best enjoy the many, many games I already have on my to-do list.

For example, I should try and figure out how to beat this madness at some point.

On our fifth podcast, we go into detail about how we want to be ‘better’. We do a round of lightning reviews as well, talking about everything from the new and shiny Titanfall 2, to the ridiculous Enter the Gungeon, the tried-and-true board game Lords of Waterdeep.  One of my favorite parts of Sprites and Dice is how eclectic and different the interests of each member are, exposing each other (and hopefully, many of you) to different styles of games that we normally would not play.  A deep appreciation of other games just makes me enjoy the ones I own even more.

What games have you played recently that deserve mentioning? What resolutions have you made that will help you enjoy your nerdy hobbies in 2017? We’d love for you to share with us, as we try to share with you. Also, we’d like to thank you for all of your support! The reviews on Itunes, the great comments that are growing on our Facebook and Twitter…your feedback fuels us, and it will continue to do so all throughout the year.

#005: Raids and Resolutions