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Charmed And Dangerous Kickstarter Preview

Wyatt Krause 05.29.2019

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: Gretel, Dorothy, and Snow White walk up to a wicked house made up of gingerbread. Unslinging her bow, Snow White fired an arrow at the Corpse dragon as Gretel charged forward, sharp blades of candy ready.

The Finish The Damn Game Month Challenge

Wyatt Krause 05.01.2019

We all have one: that list of games in the back of our mind that always crops up while you are at work, in class, or away from your gaming system. The games that we always mean to finish, to play, to get that sense of completion.

Dauntless Review

Wyatt Krause 03.26.2019

I started writing an article about Dauntless almost a year ago. It was after PAX East 2018, and I had absolutely loved what I had seen. On May 24th, the open beta began and I was able to jump in.