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A Farewell To Netrunner

Adam Factor 06.08.2018

The news about Android: Netrunner hit me like a freight truck moving at 75 mph. It’s Friday. The alarm rings at the same time it does every morning.

Review: Wizard Of Legend

Adam Factor 06.07.2018

If you’ve ever wanted the feeling of arcane energies crackling around your body, laying waste to scores of foes, wrapped in a roguelike package that’s procedurally generated, Wizard of Legend by Contingent99 might be the game for you.

Review: Mutant Football League

Adam Factor 05.20.2018

Welcome to this broadcast of the Mutant Football League! Ooo and it looks like he’s taken a nasty hit after the whistle was blown. There goes his ribcage! The ref appears to be either blind or bribed!