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  • Review: Lamplight City

    Adam Factor 09.13.2018

    I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such good gaming karma these days. I am, frankly, spoiled for good, modern point-and-click adventure games.

  • First Look: Mega Man 11 Demo

    Eric Henn 09.08.2018

    A free Mega Man 11 demo was just released for Switch, Xbox, and Playstation without much fanfare; presumably it was going to be announced at the cancelled Nintendo Direct, but instead it dropped as an almost total surprise.

  • Review - Buck: Legacy

    Eric Henn 09.06.2018

    Buck: Legacy is a semi-cooperative dungeon crawler somewhat in the style of Munchkin, but not quite so friendship-ruining. The players take on the role of adventurers for hire, hunting down powerful monsters for fame and money.

  • Review: Spectrum

    Otto Kratky 09.04.2018

    One of my favorite moments in games comes right after any uphill battle. Ornstein & Smough in Dark Souls, Through The Fire And The Flames in Guitar Hero III...

  • Review: Phantom Doctrine

    Adam Factor 08.30.2018

    “It looks like XCOM,” several of my XCOM loving friends say as I excitedly show them Phantom Doctrine in that perhaps-overly-enthusiastic manner I have of talking about games.

  • First Look: HYPERGUN

    Eric Henn 08.23.2018

    HYPERGUN is a roguelite first-person shooter that’s just been released on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4. When Earth is invaded by an unstoppable alien force, it is up to one man to save the world. Who is this hero?

  • Play NYC Recap

    Wyatt Krause 08.21.2018

    Last weekend, four of us had the chance to head down to New York City for Play NYC. This was its second year in existence, and so we were excited to see how the convention had evolved.