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  • 505 Games: Indivisible and Bloodstained

    Eric Henn 06.18.2019

    Forgive the belated PAX content; several of us at Sprites and Dice had our lives catch fire in various ways in the last month. However, never let it be said that we let real life get in the way of gaming!

  • E3 2019 Coverage: Nintendo

    Otto Kratky 06.13.2019

    E3 2019’s conference phase closed out as it usually does, with a Nintendo Direct. Historically, Nintendo uses these directs to give fans whatever they’ve been waiting for the past year, and then some things fans didn’t know they wanted.

  • Review: Playne

    Eric Henn 06.11.2019

    The modern world is a demanding and uncertain place, both on the personal and the global level. Any news site (or a quick scroll through social media) will tell you as much.

  • E3 2019 Coverage Day 1: Bethesda

    Otto Kratky 06.10.2019

    E3 has always been a prime time for Bethesda, the publishing giant behind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Even without any major entries into those series, they still had a lot to talk about.

  • E3 2019 Coverage Day 1: Microsoft

    Otto Kratky 06.09.2019

    It’s that magical time of the year again, where game developers from across the world flock to L.A to flaunt their stuff. Like a fashion show for games, this is E3 2019, and it started with a bang.

  • Review: The Networks: Executives

    Adam Factor 06.09.2019

    The Networks, a simple engine building game about taking a budding, terrible TV network and transforming it into something that will bring all the viewers to the yard, has been universally hailed amongst everyone I’ve shown it to as “pret

  • Stadia Pricing And Requirements Announced

    Otto Kratky 06.06.2019

    During a Stadia Connect Event, General Manager for Google Phil Harrison revealed details on the upcoming platforms pricing, library and requirements on June 6th, getting a little hype in before E3 kicks off into full gear next week. Conn