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  • Bronies, Psychology, And Gaming

    Eric Henn 07.31.2018

    The biggest question I had going into Bronycon was: what is it that draws people to this show and this particular fandom? Are people drawn to My Little Pony for similar reasons that they’re drawn to gaming?

  • Kickstarter Kills Board Game

    Otto Kratky 07.26.2018

    If there’s anything board gamers love, it’s fancy miniatures. When Overturn: Rising Sands appeared on Kickstarter in June promising just that and more at a low price, backers flocked to the project and funded it in under two hours.

  • Review: Monster Prom

    Otto Kratky 07.22.2018

    It’s the last few weeks of school, and you’re still without a date to the Monster Prom. How embarrassing! It’s time to court someone to bring. However, you may have to watch out for their teeth, fur or ectoplasm when it comes to that big kiss.