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  • E3 Coverage Day 1: EA Play Conference

    Otto Kratky 06.10.2018

    It’s only a day before E3 officially starts, but EA has already made a boatload of announcements at their EA Play event, along with some promises of change from the somewhat infamous company.

  • A Farewell To Netrunner

    Adam Factor 06.08.2018

    The news about Android: Netrunner hit me like a freight truck moving at 75 mph. It’s Friday. The alarm rings at the same time it does every morning.

  • Review: Wizard Of Legend

    Adam Factor 06.07.2018

    If you’ve ever wanted the feeling of arcane energies crackling around your body, laying waste to scores of foes, wrapped in a roguelike package that’s procedurally generated, Wizard of Legend by Contingent99 might be the game for you.

  • Active Shooter: Taken Down

    Otto Kratky 06.03.2018

    On May 29th, Active Shooter was removed from Steam. The game, which would allow players to be put into the shoes of an active school shooter, was slated for release June 6 and would have cost $10.

  • The Hype Cycle - Fallout Edition

    Otto Kratky 06.02.2018

    If you’re anything like me, you’re a fan of role playing games. If you’re really like me, you’re a massive fan of Fallout, the iconic RPG series currently owned by Bethesda.