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Board Games

PAX East, Day #2!

Wyatt Krause 04.07.2018

The second day of this PAX East was certainly busier than the first – more people wandering the expo hall floor, more events to go see, and more interviews to handle.

Five Minute Dungeon Review

Wyatt Krause 03.30.2018

Board games are not known for speed. This isn’t a criticism, but simply a fact. At least one person you know has a horror story of playing a Monopoly game while growing up that took 8 hours.

March Madness - My Final Four Games

Eric Henn 03.25.2018

Some games give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a chance to play through a masterfully written story in a painstakingly crafted world. Some games have hidden meanings behind every NPC, and secrets behind every tree and boulder.