Friday, March 27, 2015

PAX East 2015: Play 20XX, Because You Can Never Have Enough Mega Man

20XX by Batterystaple Games is… well, let me just repeat what I heard as I walked past their booth: “A Mega Man X co-op rogue-like.” Since I doubt that any sentence could be better designed to catch my attention, I immediately went over to check it out. The game is only in alpha, so it’s rough around the edges and changes on a weekly basis, but even so, I have to recommend it.

Let’s get this out of the way: yes, 20XX is a Mega Man X clone. It’s well aware that it’s a Mega Man X clone, and rather than trying to downplay the similarities, it embraces them. That much is obvious from the name alone, a direct reference to the fact that the Mega Man series takes place in “200X.” However, the differences are what make it shine.

Enforcing PAX East 2015: A Different Side to Conventions

   This is a guest article by a good friend of lots of us on the site: Reid.  He worked as an Enforcer at PAX East 2015, and thought it would be interesting to give a different perspective on the gaming expo that we all know and love.  We hope you enjoy!

   Conventions: In geek culture, conventions are the Mecca that gamers, otaku and comic book enthusiasts flock to, bearing bad weather, camped hotel spaces and mass transportation in their pilgrimage. Conventions are both a chance to see the latest in the games we know and love, as well as discover what new titles or additions developers have to offer, all while being among your peers.  For those in the East coast Area, PAX East is the crown jewel. But among all the set up booths, awesome panels, and sweet events is the tireless workforce helping to glue it all together: The red shirted Enforcers.

For 2015, I found myself as one of them. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

PAX East 2015: Leap of Fate - A City Mage's Preview

Here's a riddle for you: What do you get when you cross The Binding of Isaac with Hand of Fate, and add a dash of that old Diablo feeling for spice? Well, if you do it right, you get something a bit like Leap of Fate, a top-down rogue-lite by Clever Plays where you take control of a mage and do battle against armies of... things.  Terrible, terrible things.

Leap of Fate - Main Character

Want some magical realism thrown into your action RPG?  This is right up your alley.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DLC Podcast: A PAX East 2015 Wrap Up!

It's hard to wrap up everything that happens at a convention; there's just too much to do, too much to see, and too much to experience.  Some people wait on the massive line to see the show floor, while others casually arrive later, content to mill about much more calmly.  Is there a right way to go to conventions?  A wrong way?  Do the enforcers, the army of red-shirted organizers of the event, get a more fulfilling experience than us simple ticket-holders?

As usual, Cosplay was amazing at PAX East.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Something Shiny: Indie PC Game - CrossCode

     I was noodling around on the internet and I found something pretty cool. I'm a sucker for high tech settings, action-RPGs and gorgeous visuals, so when I read about Radical Fish's indie game CrossCode, so I dropped by and grabbed the playable demo.

CrossWorlds is the MMO of CrossCode. Kind of like Sword Art Online, but maybe with less despair?
But maybe not.

I wasn't disappointed, and you won't be either.  This is a game that should be made: let me tell you why.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pax East 2015: Necropolis - You'll die, and you'll like it!

Necropolis developed by Harebrained Schemes
Back during PAX, Wyatt and I got to sit down and play a few rounds of an in-development title called Necropolis.  The game, from developer Harebrained Schemes, is essentially a classic Rogue-like dungeon crawler; the difference comes in the modern twists to the formula, and a beautiful art style that you can't look away from. There are a lot of elements that give the game a mash up feel, but the combination of ideas already come together into something new and interesting. Harebrained schemes has a very clear vision of what they're going for with Necropolis, and we are all going to benefit from that as we die repeatedly in their new game.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

PAX East 2015: Plague of Shadows; A Second Dose of Shovel Knight

While at PAX East, I got the chance to play the demo of the Shovel Knight expansion titled Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows.  It was on my list of things to see, and I was very excited to get the chance to do a bit of a play-through. As you might infer, this expansion allows you to replay the game as Plague Knight, one of the enemy bosses. The obvious question here is: How does playing as Plague Knight compare to playing as Shovel Knight? The answer: Similarly, but different enough to keep things interesting. The quality of the game hasn't decreased in the slightest, and this expansion brings some new ideas and abilities into play.

While we don't have a set release date yet, there was certainly enough of a demo at PAX East to hook me; should you be excited for this update?  The short answer, of course, is yes.