Project Zomboid: An Undead Review

Adam Factor 10.31.2016

It might be the biggest understatement of today's gaming age to say that zombies are popular with gamers. A quick glance reveals everything from board games like Zombicide to zombie survival modes within games like Call of Duty.

An Untimely Review: Cave Story+

Eric Henn 10.26.2016

Curiosity, boredom, and a $1700 car repair bill recently drove me to look through my Steam library for games that I already owned but hadn’t gotten around to playing.

The Usurpers Arrive: An Armello Follow Up

Wyatt Krause 10.08.2016

We just put up our review of the game last week, and had mostly good things to say: that it’s fun, it feels like a flawless blend of a board game and video game, and no matter what, you have to respect the amount of art and style the game puts for

Metal Adventures Review: A Pirate Day Special

Eric Henn 09.19.2016

This review comes with a disclaimer: since it was made specifically for "Talk like a pirate day"....which is apparently a thing, Eric demanded to have creative license with spelling and grammar.  I gave it to him.