Hover: Revolt of Gamers Preview

Wyatt Krause 05.29.2017

Hover: Revolt of Gamers is an attempt to re-capture lightning in a bottle. There’s no other way of putting it when you see the screenshots of it, when you see what its inspirations were.

Review: Dead Cells

Adam Factor 05.08.2017

It hits you like a bolt from one of its lightning spells. PAX East is well behind us at this point, but I have had my eyes on a couple of key titles since then, biding my time until their release.

Mr. Shifty Review

Wyatt Krause 04.19.2017

There’s a market for this sort of thing: barely contained, high-octane violence, stylized and ramped up to 11.

A Normal Lost Phone Review

Nate Brogan 04.11.2017

If someone happens to drop their wallet, it’s common practice for someone to go through it in order to figure out who owned it. Most reasonable people will want to see it returned to its owner.