For Honor, A Lightning Review

Adam Factor 02.11.2017

Vikings versus knights versus samurai in a battle royale to the death! Steel, armor, and in the case of the Vikings, a disregard for shirts all await, along with honor and glory!

Mystic Vale Review

Eric Henn 01.30.2017

A curse of decay has been placed on the Valley of Life. You, a druid, have come to the Valley to help the spirits and restore the land. Using your magic, you will try to channel the powers of nature to fight back against the curse.

Super Dungeon Tactics Review

Wyatt Krause 01.28.2017

Super Dungeon Tactics is a paradox; it is adorable, it is charming, and then it will utterly punish you for putting your barbarian too far into the enemy horde.  It’s a game that flourishes as a flavorful turn-based video game, but it nev