The Warcraft Movie Review: An Impossible Task

Wyatt Krause 06.16.2016

I can understand why critics hated the Warcraft movie.  There are plot points that are never left explained, character motivations behind dramatic twists which are never brought to light, and the movie itself ends not in completion, but i

High Heavens Review

Eric Henn 06.02.2016

The Norse gods and the Greek gods are fighting, and it's all Loki's fault. It's like they made this game specifically to catch my interest.

Gruff Review

Wyatt Krause 05.03.2016

One of the best things about Gruff is the way you sound while playing it.  It might be because suddenly “Damn, my goat isn’t mean enough, and bounces off your goat’s fat” is a completely sensible sentence to say outloud.  You will be laug