Super Dungeon Tactics Review

Wyatt Krause 01.28.2017

Super Dungeon Tactics is a paradox; it is adorable, it is charming, and then it will utterly punish you for putting your barbarian too far into the enemy horde.  It’s a game that flourishes as a flavorful turn-based video game, but it nev

Evolution: Climate Review

Dana Kjolner 01.25.2017

Hey nerds! When I was at Gencon last year, I hit up the folks over at North Star games and saw that they had released a new standalone game called Evolution: Climate.

Siegecraft Commander Review

Eric Henn 01.18.2017

Siegecraft Commander is hard to classify. It’s technically a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game like Warcraft or Red Alert, but it’s got a hefty dose of mechanics you typically see in mobile games.

Blood Rage Review

Wyatt Krause 12.28.2016

The world of board games can be a funny place; it’s a hobby that many remember as childish, a way to pass the time with brightly colored cardboard and simple luck.  It was something that you were expected to grow out of, or participate in only whe

The Dwarves Review

Wyatt Krause 12.08.2016

Sometimes, a game appears that you weren’t expecting.  It might have been because there was no hype, or life has just been too busy.  Then, all of the sudden, you see it on the rack in the game store, or it pops up as a recommendation in the Steam