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  • The Protomen

    Eric Henn 03.21.2017

    If you’re not familiar with The Protomen, then you probably just reread this article’s subtitle more than once. I promise, you did read it correctly.

  • Mystic Vale Review

    Eric Henn 01.30.2017

    A curse of decay has been placed on the Valley of Life. You, a druid, have come to the Valley to help the spirits and restore the land. Using your magic, you will try to channel the powers of nature to fight back against the curse.

  • Siegecraft Commander Review

    Eric Henn 01.18.2017

    Siegecraft Commander is hard to classify. It’s technically a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game like Warcraft or Red Alert, but it’s got a hefty dose of mechanics you typically see in mobile games.