Video Games

Shadow Of The Colossus Casts New Light

Brandon Doerrer 02.18.2018

The first time I played Shadow of the Colossus was one of the earliest video game memories I have. I can’t remember exactly when it was; it was one of those memories so tenuous you’re not sure if it even happened.

Humor Of The Storm: Rehgar Guide

Eric Henn 02.11.2018

Rehgar is an extremely fun-to-play character in Heroes of the Storm and my favorite support character by far. He’s a fast-moving healer who also boasts crowd control and even a bit of DPS.

A Newbie's Look At Monster Hunter: World

Brandon Doerrer 01.31.2018

I’ve never played Monster Hunter before. I’ve heard encouraging things, that if I had any appreciation for Souls gameplay, Monster Hunter would be right up my alley while also being only slightly less impenetrable to newcomers.