Video Games

For Honor, A Lightning Review

Adam Factor 02.11.2017

Vikings versus knights versus samurai in a battle royale to the death! Steel, armor, and in the case of the Vikings, a disregard for shirts all await, along with honor and glory!

Super Dungeon Tactics Review

Wyatt Krause 01.28.2017

Super Dungeon Tactics is a paradox; it is adorable, it is charming, and then it will utterly punish you for putting your barbarian too far into the enemy horde.  It’s a game that flourishes as a flavorful turn-based video game, but it nev

Siegecraft Commander Review

Eric Henn 01.18.2017

Siegecraft Commander is hard to classify. It’s technically a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game like Warcraft or Red Alert, but it’s got a hefty dose of mechanics you typically see in mobile games.