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  • Review: Lamplight City

    Adam Factor 09.13.2018

    I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such good gaming karma these days. I am, frankly, spoiled for good, modern point-and-click adventure games.

  • First Look: Mega Man 11 Demo

    Eric Henn 09.08.2018

    A free Mega Man 11 demo was just released for Switch, Xbox, and Playstation without much fanfare; presumably it was going to be announced at the cancelled Nintendo Direct, but instead it dropped as an almost total surprise.

  • Review - Buck: Legacy

    Eric Henn 09.06.2018

    Buck: Legacy is a semi-cooperative dungeon crawler somewhat in the style of Munchkin, but not quite so friendship-ruining. The players take on the role of adventurers for hire, hunting down powerful monsters for fame and money.

  • Review: Spectrum

    Otto Kratky 09.04.2018

    One of my favorite moments in games comes right after any uphill battle. Ornstein & Smough in Dark Souls, Through The Fire And The Flames in Guitar Hero III...

  • Review: Phantom Doctrine

    Adam Factor 08.30.2018

    “It looks like XCOM,” several of my XCOM loving friends say as I excitedly show them Phantom Doctrine in that perhaps-overly-enthusiastic manner I have of talking about games.