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  • Review: 80 Days

    Adam Factor 10.08.2019

    I’m normally very wary of Switch games that were previously released on mobile. It takes a certain, special something to be both a game worthy of smartphone portability and console complexity.

  • Borderlands 3 Review: Aiming For Fun

    Otto Kratky 09.18.2019

    When I first played the original Borderlands, it changed how I thought about cooperative games forever. Instead of just playing with each other at the same time we were building characters and arsenals, growing more powerful together.

  • Review: River City Girls

    Adam Factor 09.03.2019

    Every now and then I hear a title that makes me do a double take. “It couldn’t be,” I say to myself half skeptical, but the name and theme are just too perfect to chalk up to coincidence.

  • Review: Kids On Bikes

    Adam Factor 08.27.2019

    For those of you who are looking for something different at the RPG table, I hear your requests now. A chorus of voices, saying things like “I need a TTRPG that’s super easy to play”.