“Bundle for Ukraine” Offers Nearly 1000 Games for $10

Many Would Be Worth It on Their Own

Mar 08, 2022
Bundle For Ukraine.png

For the next week, a special bundle on itch.io offers people an incredible amount of content—992 items—for the price of a deli lunch. We’re talking video games, TTRPGs, game design assets, and even a couple of books (all in digital formats, of course).

Proceeds go to International Medical Corps and Voices of Children, two organizations helping the people of Ukraine to survive the Russian invasion and recover from the horrors of war. As of writing this article, the bundle has raised some $3.4 million.

Needless to say, this is an amazing deal for a great cause. There’s no way I could talk about every game in here, so here are just a few highlights:

Bleed and Bleed 2

Bleed and Bleed 2 are insanely fast paced side-scrollers where you shoot, slash, parry, and dodge your way through hordes of enemies and difficult bosses. Give Cave Story a bottle of Adderall and you’ll have something like Bleed. Lots of fun, highly recommended.


…Wait, I seriously haven’t reviewed this one?

You probably already know what Celeste is, but: Tight-yet-brutal platforming, killer soundtrack, themes of mental health and learning to love yourself. It’s an indie darling, and for good reason. I had a lot of fun playing it for a charity stream.


Shadow of the Colossus by way of Diablo: Point and click to fight against massive boss monsters while running wildly in circles and trying not to die.

jotun isa

Fun fact, Jotun was one of the first review codes I ever got. It's a lot of fun.


A TTRPG where words have power. You, and others like you, shape the world with your words—which words you get depend on how people perceive you. Parselings is a game of trying to find your identity, striking a balance between using your powers and not allowing a few careless words to define who you are.

Sundered: Eldritch Edition

sundered eldritch edition review

A Lovecraftian metroidvania with lots of action and massive boss battles. Fast, fun, and gorgeous. This was another one that we reviewed for Thunder Lotus Games.

Thirsty Sword Lesbians

A Powered by the Apocalypse TTRPG where you have to strike a balance between being true to yourself and fitting in with a society that’ll never accept you—in between swashbuckling swordfights and disaster romances. When I ran this one for our community on our Discord server, and a one-shot adventure to try out the system turned into an extended campaign because people liked it so much.

Worth More than $10

The amount of games and books that are part of this bundle is almost too large to fully comprehend, and might even be intimidating. Just remember: even if you only touch 1% of the games you purchase here, you'll be getting your money's worth out of this deal. So please: if you are looking for some new games to try out, or if you just want to donate to a good cause, please take a look at this bundle. $10 US dollars is the starting point of the package, but you can always put in more if you have some extra cash you are willing to donate towards Ukraine.

This bundle lasts for about a week more before it expires, so if you have the impulse to purchase, do it now while the chance to help mitigate some of the effects of the horrible war that is unfolding.

Eric Henn

Head Writer