RIP Total Biscuit

The Loss Of A Voice

May 25, 2018
total biscuit obituary

Last night, gaming lost one of its most passionate voices. John Bain, who went by the online alias Totalbiscuit, died at age 33, leaving behind a legacy in games journalism and reviews.

Bain had fought a years long battle with cancer, all the while still talking about games through his reviews and his podcast, the Co-Optional Podcast. This was all done after his retirement in 2015.

I was personally an enormous fan of Totalbiscuit. He offered a voice to the PC gaming community in a way that not many other Youtube personalities have. His critical approach to games, as well as the developers and publishers behind them, left an impression on me and drastically changed my view of how games can be perceived.

From his Wtf is…? series to his long rambling segments regarding topics such as lootboxes, downloadable content and consumers rights in the games industry, Bain was never at a loss for words that could spread insight and critical thinking. It's a tragedy to have a strong voice lost at a young age, leaving behind a family. Rest in Peace.

Otto Kratky

News Writer