This Weekend:
A Charity Stream For Black Lives Matter

Doing Our Part For A Better Community

Jun 19, 2020
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Ever since Sprites and Dice began, it has been our mission statement to write about games and its community as a way to better that community as a whole. Our thought process has always been that our favorite past-time has been a sanctuary and a refuge from the frustrations we feel day to day; a way to refresh and recover. Why should that not be open to everyone? Sanctuaries should be inclusive, welcoming people in with open arms.

Sadly, it has been proven time and time again that gaming has not been a refuge for everyone.

Sprites and Dice At PAX Unplugged.jpg

For a while now – and to our own frustration - we’ve been meaning to speak out more actively on issues such as this. To write opinions about inclusivity, to write about social issues that come up around conventions, and more. At our local game nights in the Hudson Valley, we’ve made sure our doors have been open to all… but that dedication hasn’t always translated to our online presence.

In 2020, we’re going to make sure that changes.

We’re Back To Streaming – Starting With 24 Hours Of Fundraising

In the wake of the terrible killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, followed up by the many, many videos of police brutality during the protests, we've been galvanized. We've had some plans to do charity streams in the past for great charities like Child’s Play, but current events have spurred us on to make plans a reality. Following the example of great people like Tanya in the RPG world and Danny in board games, we are adding our voices to the “Justice, Peace, Freedom” movement on Tiltify.

The money raised will go towards The Bail Project, a charity dedicated to fighting mass incarceration and a system set up to punish impoverished communities. We know we are a small voice in the community at large, but we’re hoping that until the end of June, we can raise $1,000 dollars to show support.

The Bail Project Logo.jpg

To do this, myself, Eric, and our good friend Brian at the Downloadable Content Podcast will be streaming for 24 hours this weekend to raise awareness and money. Taking four-hour shifts from 12pm EST Saturday to midnight, and then again to 12pm EST Sunday to midnight, we’ll be trying out some new games and some old ones.

Wyatt: XCom: Chimera Squad on 6/20/20, 12pm

Xcom Chimera Squad.jpg

A game all about building unity between a diverse team felt appropriate!

Brian: Dead Cells on 6/20/20, 4pm

dead cells

Eric: Celeste on 6/20/20, 8pm

Celeste Gameplay.jpg

I'm not sure how Eric is going to not go crazy attempting to beat these insane levels in four hours, but good for him for trying!

Eric: Monster Train

Monster Train Gameplay.jpg

Brian: Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon Damage 0

Wyatt: Flame In The Flood

Flame In The Flood.jpg

Ending with a game all about surviving an abandoned wilderness... trying it for the first time!

Join Us This Weekend To Raise Awareness And Money For The Bail Project!

fate of the norns playthrough

We are truly excited to be trying something new with this streaming event. We hope that you’ll join us for some of that time, whether it’s stopping in for a whole segment or just a few minutes. If you have a few dollars to spare, please take a look at our Tiltify. If you don’t have any spare money and you want to support the stream, share us on social media. Either way, we’ll be thankful.

Fingers crossed – here’s hoping that by noon on Sunday we have $1,000 to donate to a good cause.

Wyatt Krause

Editor-in-chief, Co-founder