Zenobia Award Launches

Seeking To Diversify The Historical Genre

Nov 23, 2020
zenobia award header.JPG

In an effort to diversify the world of historical board games, The Zenobia Award is highlighting underrepresented designers and their unique visions for the genre.

The Zenobia Award is a new contest specifically for underrepresented groups in board-gaming, including women, people of color and members of the LBGTQ+ community. Groups that enter the competition must develop a concept proposal and present a playable prototype of their game to a panel of judges. Applications to enter the contest are due by January 15, 2021.


Photo by Sebastian Bae

Winning the Zenobia award doesn’t just give developers and their projects an advertising boost though. The judging panel will select three winners, each of which will be awarded a cash prize. Third place receives $1000, second gets $1500 and first receives a whopping $4000. Additionally, all contestants will receive feedback and mentorship during the competition, with the winners receiving additional help pitching their projects to publishing partners after all is said and done.

To enter the competition, design teams must be made up of underrepresented groups and must be working on tabletop board games revolving around historical themes. The game must also be playable in under two hours.

More information on the Zenobia Award can be found on the competition’s website here, along with instructions on how to enter.

Otto Kratky

News Writer