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Where Are The Podcasts?

An Apology To All Of Our Listeners

Feb 20, 2018
technical difficulties

To any regular listeners of our podcasts, we here at Sprites and Dice would like to let you know that we haven't forgotten about you! We understand that it's been over a month now since our last audio release, of which we promised biweekly installments. We have been befallen by a series of unfortunate events!

Pretty sure we can turn that phrase here without incurring legal action. It's rather sadly an accurate description of things, though we hope to be back up and running in the not-too-distant future.

Due to a heavy snow in the American Northeast, a rather well-timed power outage caused not only the loss of our audio work but also a corruption of our original files. We had two podcasts all recorded and ready to go for the month, and sadly they both disappeared into the ether. As if that wasn't enough, Wyatt's computer then received a call from beyond and mysteriously died, rendering us without our primary hardware in the recording studio.

We hope to have everything back up for recording before too long. In the mean time, you can still look forward to regular updates to the site's written content. That hasn't been affected at all. Our writers are still writing, Wyatt is still running things from his corner office, and Adam is still trapped in a basement somewhere editing by the glow of a singular lightbulb and being fed by meals slipped through a slot in the door.

We are, of course, always available by email at, on Twitter at @SpritesNDice, and on Facebook. Stay tuned if you'd like announcments on when the audio is up and running once again, as well as updates on all our other great content.

Adam Factor