Sprites and Dice Podcast #5
Board Game Piracy

The Problems With Success

May 11, 2018
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Be honest: when you think of piracy, the first two things come to mind are probably childhood dreams of Blackbeard, or BitTorrent. Your mind probably doesn't jump immediately to the idea that there is money to be made from illegally printing off cardboard and little wooden pieces.

Yet, thanks to some great interviews and articles from the last several months, we have come to understand that the board game community has become a victim of its own success. Wherever there is money, there are people who want to find a quicker way to get that same cash. While everyone likes a good deal on a game, we suddenly find ourselves in a new situation: should we be nervous when we see a game over 50% off? When you open up your new game of Ticket to Ride, and many of the pieces seem to be missing, or the manual is printed without several pages, is there a chance you've been ripped off?

Fortunately, we spend some time in this episode talking about two new favorite games of ours in the last few months, Entropy: Worlds Collide and Dice Throne. We were able to cover all this in 45 minutes partially because both of these games manage to be relatively quick, packing in a ton of fun without making you give up an entire evening first.

For those of you aware of our podcasting woes for the last few months, thank you for your patience. We hope that since we've recovered this episode and found some new equipment, we can be back on schedule to bring you more than ever before.

Sprites and Dice Podcast

#5: Board Game Piracy


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