Sprites and Dice Podcast #7
E3 2018 Reactions

So Many Games, Too Many Announcements

Jun 18, 2018
e3 2018 ridley

E3 2018 is finally over; the onslaught of new games and new information has finished. We are left to pick up the pieces, to carefully clutch at our wallets as we try to somehow decide what information to trust, and what new worlds we will dedicate our hard earned money to.

Maybe like Otto, you were swayed by Bethesda, lured in by the news of Fallout 76. Perhaps you are an Xbox owner, and so the barrage of 50+ games that were demonstrated was enough to give you hope for a year of great games. It could have been the last conference you had been waiting for; like so many, the news of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate was almost unbelievable... until they started announcing all of their fighters.

the division 2 e3 0

One of my favorites was The Division 2, just because of how many fond memories I have of the first.

This conference is a bizarre merging between a celebration of the industry and a massive advertisement, when game publishers know they have a rapt audience. Still, we watch, and we gather information, and we discuss it endlessly online. We keep the cycle going, because the games that are revealed are too tantalizing not to.

Sprites and Dice Podcast

#7: E3 2018 Reactions


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