Merry Christmas, And A Gift thanks to Steam

Dec 25, 2013
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First off, Happy Holidays to everyone at the end of 2013. We've made it through another year, through conventions and gaming drama and the start of the next generation of consoles. Although, since today is Christmas, I'm sure many of you are now unpacking as we speak games from their shiny shrink wrap or cardboard boxes to add to your shelf, shove right into your CD player...or just simply add the the backlog you already have, thanks to Steam.

Ah, yes, we can't exactly get away without mention the ridiculous Steam sales that are perfectly designed around extracting money from our pockets. Granted, the sheer amount of games you can get out of it in return is more than fair...but still, sometimes, it just feels like your wallet and willpower are under siege. I know I've dropped an extra $20 than I was hoping to to catch up on some indie games that have had my eye for quite some time now...and man, this sale goes until Jan 3rd?!


Mercy, Gabe Newell. Mercy.

However! All is not lost for your wallet - as it seems the merciless sales have felt the spirit of good tidings, and have given a gift... late this day, Steam has let it slip that Left 4 Dead 2 is free, for....well, I'm not really sure, honestly. I've been told about noon the next day, December 26th.


You know, I never thought "Oh wow, a free zombie horde!"Would be something I would say...ever.

So, for right now...there is a lot of catching up to do - a lot of half-finished posts from both myself and Zoë, a lot of great new ideas and things happening out there in the gaming community, and even some possible extra projects to cause a little more traffic and fandom for various games around here. 2014 is coming, and with it, a hopeful barrage of posts as we are reinvigorated for the new year. Feel free to join in! Have a game you want us to cover? A hot button topic you think needs to get addressed? How about just letting us know you think we are terrible people for entirely shirking our duties updating the website for the last month? Let us know! In an honest moment, life's been hectic this last month, with school finals for one of us, and some job promotions and tests on the other. But we hope to make it up to you, with some new ideas and posts already on the draft board, waiting to be posted as the clock counts down to a new year.

But until then... there is a zombie apocalypse out there that you should probably be least before New Years. Happy Hunting. Happy Holidays.

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Wyatt Krause

Editor-in-chief, Co-founder