State of the Blog:
Summer 2013

Jun 12, 2013
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Hello, everyone!

A quick hello, a quick announcement, and a quick apology.

First, the apology - sorry that both Zoë and I have been a bit...lack luster in our upkeep of this site. At the end of April, things sped up for the both of us. School for them, and a new job for myself, and real life needed tending to. However, we are both back, and have a slew of new articles to post, some of which are going up today and Thursday. In fact, we have both rededicated ourselves to seeing two posts every week at the very least here on the blog.

We are planning on continuing our approach to our articles here - taking time to focus on larger ideas, on how being gamers can impact our lives and our 'normal' thinking, or doing long-running series on a particular game or topic so that we can explore it thoroughly and not with just a quick, one-shot witty paragraph.

However, we do want to stay relevant, and we also want to engage the gaming community as a whole as things develop... E3 and the hilarious-yet-depressing Xbox One reveals being two such examples. As such, we are going to introduce two elements to the site - one will be the occasional 'Open Topic', where we don't so much cover or voice our own opinions upfront, but instead ask for the readers to start a discussion first. Afterward, if interest is high enough, we'll do some work and put forward an article addressing the issue, and the comments that had already been said. This way, we can keep a dialogue going, one of our chief hopes with Sprites and Dice.

Second, reviews of games will end up on the site now. There won't be a point score, no worries there, but we will be passing our own judgments on games. We hope that these are just as fun to read, and and while we hope they are persuasive pieces of writing, please keep in mind we know we are quite biased in our thoughts and what we like - these aren't meant to quantify objective categories for a game's quality, and so each review will most likely be different in how its written. Take for example the one I'm posting along with this update on State of Decay - its half an opinion on the depiction of apocalypse and survivalists in video games as it is talking about the game itself.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy, and that you keep reading. I also invite you to please, please, please, feel free to comment and leave your own opinions for us to read and respond to. I promise we are nice people, and while I can't speak for Zoë, I know I'm always up for more friendly conversation.

Wyatt Krause

Editor-in-chief, Co-founder