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Apr 06, 2013
gigantic game collection

So, obviously, this whole thing is still brand new, and we will soon hopefully have several pages of writing up here, with a post from each of us a week minimum. But of what might you ask?

  • Pax East 2013 wrap-up. It's where me and Zoë finally got the fire lit under us to move forward with this, so we are going to honor it first. Zoë has a load of tales from the Indie Showcase, and many up-and-coming developers that definitely need to be mentioned. I'm hoping for doing a bigger overview as to why conventions are such a big deal, especially to the gamer community.
  • League of Legends. Blame the Riot Booth for this one - they outdid most booths I've ever seen at a convention. Add the fact that the game is a lot of fun, and the fact that their online fanbase has a lot of places to start a discussion about, and we should get a bit out of this game. Did I mention Zoë has never played LoL before? Hoping to embarrass them with some noob games.
  • "Look, Shiny Thing!" will be a quick way to reference some other awesome things on the internet involving gaming culture, via a video or some article that really nails an idea down. We hope to add some of those soon, sparsely.
  • Summoner Wars. A card game from a small company that keeps itself to high quality, I managed to introduce Zoë to the game this year at PAX. They promptly became poorer and quickly became obsessed. We swear, our posts about this will be intellectual, and not just an infomercial.
  • MERCS Miniatures. I found it at PAX, and I fell in love, instantly. Comparing a tabletop game to Halo 4 might be interesting, as well as the reports of carnage and pictures of my (shoddy) paint jobs.
  • Humans Vs. Zombies. What's that, it isn't a video game or board game? Screw you guys, its part childhood mayhem, part LARP, and all a product of 21st century culture. Game Mentality at its best, and should be fun to pick apart. Zoë'll also have fun showing off their Nerf mods, I'm sure.

This should be enough to leap off of and build on for quite a while, but its certainly not an exhaustive list. Don't see something on here you want to? Comment on this post and on future ones about a related topic, and there's a very good chance that the rambling will end up moving in that direction sooner rather than later.

Wyatt Krause

Editor-in-chief, Co-founder