The Steam Tabletop Fest Sale

For Those Who Miss Rolling Dice

Oct 22, 2020
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Remember getting together with people to play games in person? I know, it feels like so long ago. While we do have video games to play together, can they really replace the feeling of cards in your hand or the clacking of a fistful of dice? Thanks to the explosion of digital versions of board games, the answer is 'maybe', and the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest is highlighting that.

The five-day long event is going on now, and will end on October 26th at 1pm EST. For its duration, viewers can enjoy interviews from popular tabletop game creators, panels, play sessions and more. No need to worry about missing any of the panels either - Steam has set up a store page where users can download interviews and panels with the likes of Focus Home Interactive and Nomad Games for free. There's a lot of interesting content if you dive deep, such as talking about real science behind the possibilities in games like Terraforming Mars, and more.

Civ 6 Exploration

A lot of video games still wear their board game influence on their sleeve to this day - and many of them are on sale!

Don't worry, there's more than just seeing people talk about or play games. If you’d rather play them yourself, there’s still a huge, huge sale going on for users to take advantage of. Some of the notable titles being sold at a deep discount right now are Slay the Spire, Frost Punk, Total War: Warhammer and Tharsis. Most of the games on the list have obvious influences from board games, but there are a few big brand surprises in there too. If you need an excuse to pick up a new game to get through yet another COVID month, now is the time.

For a full schedule of what’s going on during the Digital Tabletop Fest, just check out Steam’s front page. From there, you can click on a banner for the event and find all the listed interviews, play sessions and digital tabletop goodness that you could possibly want.

Otto Kratky

News Writer