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  • First Impressions of Oath

    Adam Factor 12.13.2019

    It’s easy to see that Oath, currently in development within Leder Games, was on many people’s most-anticipated list for PAX Unplugged 2019.

  • Review: Dungeon Of Mandom VIII

    Adam Factor 12.12.2019

    I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving small box games with big hearts. Dungeon of Mandom VIII is another such game, and my first review from the publisher Oink.

  • War Chest Review

    Adam Factor 11.26.2019

    I’m hearing it said more and more these days. There are an increasing number of good board games published every year, but in terms of great games there are just as many as there ever were.

  • Elementra Review

    Adam Factor 11.21.2019

    Elementra, Dragon Academy is my quick game pick from last PAX Unplugged I can safely say none of us saw coming.

  • Review: Alkemia

    Adam Factor 10.22.2019

    PlayNYC gets better every year, and this year it gave me a very special gift. You see, if there’s one thing the online board game community loves asking for, yet reviewers are hesitant to give, it’s reviews of older games.