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The Other Side

Aug 02, 2015
The Other Side 1

Hey folks, I had a really great time at Gencon Indianapolis 2015! I'll be doing reviews and news with my buddy Wyatt about all the stuff there, but I'll be mainly focusing on Wyrd;s line up: about the new Malifaux book, Shifting Loyalties, in addition to model reviews and an examination of the Campaign system and its upgrades. Right now though, I know you're all slavering over any details you can get about The Other Side, Wyrd's new miniature game. I was able to talk with Aaron, game developer at Wyrd, and he dished as much as he could.

The Other Side is a miniature based war game with a larger scope than Malifaux. Seven years ago, Malifaux's first edition was released, and after two years of a successful second edition, Wyrd has grown to the point that they want to expand. They'll still be supporting Malifaux, as it is their biggest property, but they want to stretch out and explore new design space also. The Other Side is going to have some mechanical similarities with Malifaux, such as being being card based, but Aaron didn't elaborate on if it would be a poker deck style card mechanic, or something else entirely. The game will be fundamentally incompatible with Malifaux, but we don't know any specifics beyond that. In terms of scale, Aaron suggested that Warmachine would be a good comparison. We may be looking at models on 30 to 80 mm bars, with more of a focus on squad combat and military maneuvers. There will almost certainly be more models on the table than Malifaux usually brings.

Thematically, The Other Side is going to show the Earthside effects of the Breach, with the factions dealing with the aftermath of the Black Powder Wars and the new influx of soulstones coming back to earth through the Guild's influence. I asked if we'd be seeing any familiar faces, and Aaron said that none of the main characters of Malifaux will be showing up as models in The Other Side, but they may be tangentially related to the plot. For example, Rasputina won't be throwing icicles on the field, but the Cult of December may be making an appearance. We can look forward to meeting new people and characters.


That's definitely the Guild on the right, but what are those on the left? Is that Big Ben burning in the background?!

Aaron mentioned that while they were looking for a 2016 release, the actual time tables will be dependent on play testing, acquiring art assets and models, and many other factors. Regardless of when it comes out, it's super exciting to see a brand new look into this alternate world that Wyrd has made, based on the discovery of the other world known as Malifaux, As details are released, we'll be there to cover them, as I'm sure I'll want to beat up my co-writers in this game like I do with the Neverborn already.

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Dana Kjolner