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Video Games

PAX East 2019 Spotlight: ZED

Eric Henn 03.29.2019

Memory is comprised of three aspects: Encoding, storage, and retrieval… Your father’s problem? Retrieval. It’s there, he just can’t reach it.

Dauntless Review

Wyatt Krause 03.26.2019

I started writing an article about Dauntless almost a year ago. It was after PAX East 2018, and I had absolutely loved what I had seen. On May 24th, the open beta began and I was able to jump in.

Party Hard 2 Review

Otto Kratky 03.25.2019

Who hasn’t been in this position before: it’s late at night, you’ve got work in the morning tomorrow and the house next door is blasting house music, there’s no way you’re falling asleep. What would you do?