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The Finish The Damn Game Month Challenge

Wyatt Krause 05.01.2018

We all have one: that list of games in the back of our mind that always crops up while you are at work, in class, or away from your gaming system. The games that we always mean to finish, to play, to get that sense of completion.

The Lawbreakers Curse

Otto Kratky 04.11.2018

Now, I feel like I should clarify that this is an opinion. I’m making no claim to expertise in business, marketing, creating a product or anything of that nature.

Top 10 Survival/Horror Games

Eric Henn 04.01.2018

Welcome, readers, to a list we've been meaning to put together for quite some time now. A lot of thought and effort went into this list, compiling what we consider to be some of the most frightening picks in gaming to have ever been released.