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Northgard Preview

Wyatt Krause 03.15.2017

From For Honor to the Discovery Channel, Vikings always seem to draw our collective imagination. It makes sense that they would, given what we know of their history.

From Jedi To Vikings

Adam Factor 02.27.2017

It all began at the wedding of one of my good childhood friends. I was a groomsman. We all were, the rest of the group. Friends since middle school, still friends after over two decades of knowing each other.

The Beauty Of Game Redesign

Wyatt Krause 02.22.2017

I understand that the statement “Heroes of the Storm is the best MOBA out there” could cause a bit of a furor on the internet.  Genre favorites to people who play games are a personal, almost intimate thing, and declaring that one equally

Dilemmas in Deckbuilding

Adam Factor 01.31.2017

I just can't seem to build the damn deck. I'm sitting in my room at home enjoying some quiet time, my cards laid out before me and my deckbuilding app in one hand. For weeks my friends have gently chided me on my impressive netdecking skills.