Podcast Experiment:
"Positive Twist Minis: Episode 1" is a go! Calling all Malifaux players...

Jan 16, 2014

Well, here goes something new!

Another project of mine is finally getting off the ground, in the form of Positive Twist Minis! I'm really excited to be promoting this alongside breaking ground talking about miniature gaming here on this blog. Its going to take a little getting used to, coordinating content between the two, but I'm excited for the attempt. I'll be honest - it's going to hard for me not to post about Malifaux and my love of the game for the next week or two as we continue to record and polish what we have. Its also a test to see how well we can get out pod casts we hope to keep expanding here for the entire blog - miniatures gaming, video gaming, talking about conventions and news in the industry. We are trying our luck, and seeing where to go next.

malifaux bad things happen

Yes, that is one of the key phrases of the game.Yes, it's way too true.

For now though, Positive Twist Minis is a side podcast that's going to let myself and a good friend, Eric, get into some more detail, as well as ramble a bit, about miniatures in general. Right now we are starting in our favorite game, and will be sticking there for a while, Malifaux, as its the one we both help promote and we have quite a few players around us. The first episode is dedicated to this wonderful steam-punk universe, and we try to describe why we love the game, and then the feeling behind each of the major factions you can play as. If you are new to the game and want to find out more, we hope it will be a good listen.

Heck, if you are old to the game, we hope you listen and its still interesting! Let us know what you think by sending us an E-mail at positivetwistminis@gmail.com, or commenting here! We are also on the Malifaux forums as either Halflingspy as myself, or Mymetalpony for Eric.

IMG 3940

Fancier artwork and more polish on the way.

Below is the link to the actual podcast. Below that is an army from the game that should rightfully make you cringe if you have to fight against it.


Wyatt Krause

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