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March Madness Review: Attack Of The Earthlings

Eric Henn 03.15.2018

Picture XCOM, in all its tactical, deadly glory. Except, reverse the roles of the aliens and humans. Now narrow it down to just the combat. Still with me? Next, take out the RNG and add in some Borderlands-style humor.

Review: Fog of Love

Adam Factor 02.14.2018

In this review, Adam dives into Walmart’s new exclusive release: Fog of Love. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Review: Regions Of Ruin

Eric Henn 02.03.2018

Regions of Ruin is sort of like Diablo in the style of Ghosts ‘N Goblins; or maybe it’s more Clash at Demonhead with a sprinkling of Age of Empires.

A Newbie's Look At Monster Hunter: World

Brandon Doerrer 01.31.2018

I’ve never played Monster Hunter before. I’ve heard encouraging things, that if I had any appreciation for Souls gameplay, Monster Hunter would be right up my alley while also being only slightly less impenetrable to newcomers.