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A Preview of Phogs With A Total Stranger

Otto Kratky 03.17.2020

When I went to the massive, colorful booth for Phogs at PAX, I was excited for my appointment. The game looked absolutely delightful, and I had been digging the more accessible and whimsical titles over the complex and grim ones.

Phantom Brigade Preview

Eric Henn 03.12.2020

“Phantom Brigade?” I skeptically asked Wyatt. “That mech game where you can see the future?”

“Yep,” our fearless leader answered. “It seems up your alley.”

Preview: Heave Ho

Eric Henn 08.11.2019

Play NYC has gotten bigger and better every year. It’s got more exhibitors, more attendees, and more space than ever before, and this year’s convention had more than one stand-out hit.