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  • Cardpocalypse Review

    Eric Henn 11.07.2019

    Cardpocalypse is, as you might have gathered, a little bit hard to define. You play as Jess, a new student at Dudsdale Elementary School where everyone is totally obsessed with the hit CCG Mega Mutant Power Pets. The bad news?

  • Valfaris Review

    Eric Henn 10.17.2019

    Have you ever noticed that heavy metal artists are total nerds? Seriously, look at an album cover sometime: wizards, robots, and buff guys with swords are everywhere.

  • Tails Of Equestria

    Eric Henn 08.15.2019

    While I was at this year’s Bronycon (RIP), I finally got a chance to play the official My Little Pony TTRPG, Tails of Equestria.

  • Preview: Heave Ho

    Eric Henn 08.11.2019

    Play NYC has gotten bigger and better every year. It’s got more exhibitors, more attendees, and more space than ever before, and this year’s convention had more than one stand-out hit.

  • Streets Of Rogue Review

    Eric Henn 07.28.2019

    Streets of Rogue, the game all about blowing up an insane madhouse saving a city, recently came out of early access on Steam and por