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  • Neon Gods Review

    Eric Henn 03.10.2019

    It’s nighttime in the big city, where dreams and nightmares come true by the glare of neon lights, and… you know what, just read this:

  • Passing Through Petra Review

    Eric Henn 02.17.2019

    Passing Through Petra is another new game by Renegade Game Studios, released in early December of last year. Players take on the roles of powerful citizens, each trying to spread their influence the fastest.

  • Review: RWBY: Combat Ready

    Eric Henn 02.10.2019

    RWBY: Combat Ready is a card game from Rooster Teeth that lets you take on the role of one of the members of Team RWBY (pronounced “ruby”), or their friend Penny, and battle against villains from the RWBY web series.