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  • Architects Of The West Kingdom Review

    Eric Henn 12.18.2018

    Architects of the West Kingdom is the latest board game in a line of “It's a standard worker placement game, but…” style of design. The previous one we played that we enjoyed was the great Raiders of the North Sea,

  • Cogs And Commissars Review

    Eric Henn 11.15.2018

    The people of Robo-Moscow are unhappy. They toil for scraps while the Robot Czar grows fat (somehow). With social structures crumbling and mechanical tempers strained to the breaking point, things can only end in one way: Revolution!

  • Review: The Mind

    Eric Henn 11.05.2018

    The Mind is one of the simplest games you could ever play. You have a deck of cards numbered 1-100. Each player gets dealt a hand from that deck, and they all have to work together to play the cards in numerical order.