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  • What Makes A Game Good?

    Eric Henn 05.24.2018

    What exactly is a “good game?” It’s a question that would seem to lie at the very core of games journalism, yet every journalist - heck, every person - will have a different answer to it.

  • Review: Konsui Fighter (Early Access)

    Eric Henn 05.22.2018

    Konsui Fighter is an innovative new fighting game by Circean Studios. It tries to take all the best parts of classic fighting games like Street Fighter or Skullgirls and compress them into a mobile app.

  • Finish The Damn Game Month: Bloodborne

    Eric Henn 05.15.2018

    “Am I having fun right now,” I wonder as a basic enemy kills me for the fourth time. It’s not only my first time playing Bloodborne, it’s my first time playing any Souls-style game.

  • Review: Mistborn Adventure Game

    Eric Henn 05.06.2018

    Brandon Sanderson is a bestselling fantasy author who is known for his Stormlight Archive series, for writing the last few books of The Wheel of Time after Robert Jordan’s passing, and - the reason this article exists - for the

  • First Look: Double Kick Heroes

    Eric Henn 04.24.2018

    What do you get when you cross Rock Band with a zombie apocalypse? The correct answer is my senior year of college, but I would also accept Double Kick Heroes.