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Review: Dead Cells

Adam Factor 08.07.2018

It hits you like a bolt from one of its lightning spells. PAX East is well behind us at this point, but I have had my eyes on a couple of key titles since then, biding my time until their release.

Review: Monster Prom

Otto Kratky 07.22.2018

It’s the last few weeks of school, and you’re still without a date to the Monster Prom. How embarrassing! It’s time to court someone to bring. However, you may have to watch out for their teeth, fur or ectoplasm when it comes to that big kiss.

Garage: Bad Trip Review

Otto Kratky 07.10.2018

My first thought upon seeing this game's name was “well, how bad can it actually be?”

Turns out, it’s a trip that puts Alice’s plunge down the rabbit hole to shame.