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Finish The Damn Game Month: Bloodborne

Eric Henn 05.15.2018

“Am I having fun right now,” I wonder as a basic enemy kills me for the fourth time. It’s not only my first time playing Bloodborne, it’s my first time playing any Souls-style game.

Spotlight: Button Shy Games

Adam Factor 05.08.2018

Today, we’re going small! Sprites and Dice is all about positivity in the gaming community and spreading the word about stuff we think is really worth your attention.

Kratos And My Dad: Part 1

Brandon Doerrer 05.03.2018

Tearing mountains asunder and murdering gods aside, Kratos and my dad have a bit in common. Both have a similar style of fathering, neither of which I’d rate highly.

The Finish The Damn Game Month Challenge

Wyatt Krause 05.01.2018

We all have one: that list of games in the back of our mind that always crops up while you are at work, in class, or away from your gaming system. The games that we always mean to finish, to play, to get that sense of completion.