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A Night With Fury Of Dracula

Adam Factor 12.28.2015
The letter arrived only yesterday, but already your preparations to depart are complete. South across the continent you'll travel, sweeping each city and town you ride through on your way to Marseilles.

Sunless Sea Review

Dana Kjolner 11.30.2015

As a frugal dude, I like to maximize the amount of fun and game time I get out of any individual title. Pragmatism demands that I measure fun as the quotient of hours played over money spent.

Fallout 4 Review

Eric Henn 11.13.2015

Fallout 4, the latest and much-hyped installment in the long-running franchise, certainly does its best to live up to the hype. I walked into this game having steadfastly avoided any information about its plot, mechanics, and characters.